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An Age Contrived Kickstarter Collector's Edition


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This listing is for the Upgraded Collector's Edition. It contains additionally a GameTrayz storage solution, a personalized box and mechanical devices to replace the cardboard player boards of the Core Edition

Engine building and fantasy gods with inspired components

An Age Contrived is a fantasy euro game of engine building and resource programming. You play as a god in the Eldranic pantheon, where you are only as powerful as the mortals of this unstable world believe you are. Your goal is to establish yourself as the pantheon's prevailing god by securing mortal belief, as you advance the mortal realm from its age of darkness into civilization.

Each player receives a character board and a transmutation device, which they use to channel their energy into the mortal realm. Energy is how a god exerts its will, and is used to construct monuments, claim new tiles, and accomplish lasting achievements. Bind your energy for end-game scoring, and unlock new energy to replenish your reserves. The game ends when the last monument is complete, at which point the player with the most points wins.

There are two types of turns, with no rounds or phases. On a player's turn, they must either charge their transmutation device and program it openly, or use its energy to take as many actions as they have already programmed. Information is open, and the only luck is in the shuffling of tiles to set up the game. Player choices determine how the game unfolds.

The game features unlockable unique player powers, a board that players construct differently each game, and 5 ways to build your engine. You will be encouraged to plan ahead, but required to adapt your strategy in order to come away victorious.

1-5 Players | 60-120 Minutes | Ages 12+
A feel-good euro game for anyone that loves strategy

Inspired by modern classics of the genre, An Age Contrived feels familiar while adding new twists that will surprise you. Construct a mortal world on your tabletop while competing with your friends.

Approachably strategic
Gradually asymmetric
Competitive yet communal

Designed for a learn-by-playing mindset that gets players taking turns quickly, the game's strategic layers are unveiled gradually.

Casual players can start pulling levers immediately while hardcore gamers execute careful plans.
You begin with the same capabilities as your fellow players, but quickly start to customize your actions and abilities.

Specialize both with powers unique to your character and with upgrades that all players compete over.
Interactions between players are always mutually beneficial, with no mean-spirited mechanisms.

You need to navigate those positive interactions to make sure you come out ahead, as only one player can win.

Welcome to Eldranir
You are only as powerful as the mortals believe you are
Unite the mortal realm, develop civilization, and you can lead the pantheon into a new age.

Collector's Ed components
1 Game Board
6 Magnetic Monuments
5 Mechanical Player Boards
5 Character Boards
5 Character Miniatures
105 Energy Tokens
5 Channel Markers
20 Bridge Tokens
50 Transmuter Tiles
41 Action Tokens
25 Conduit Tokens
6 Monument Benefit Tokens
5 Monument Randomizer Tokens
6 Achievement Tokens
5 Divine Winds Tokens
32 Cards
1 Solo Mat
1 Score Pad
5 Player Aids
2 Rulebooks
7 Plastic Trays
1 Embossed Collector's Box