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Asking for Trobils ALL-IN Kickstarter Exclusive Pledge Breaking Games SEALED (10


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This listing is for the 2022 Kickstarter Exclusive ALL-IN edition and it includes: 
- Asking For Trobils Main Game 
Trobil Makers Expansion 
- Companions Expansion 
Scoundrels Ship Pack 1
Travelers Ship Pack 2 
- Bounty Hunters Ship Pack 3 
- Metal Coins (for 7 players!!) 
- KS Exclusive Bonus Items 
- Big Box (to hold it all)

 The Story In the star system O-Renj there's a planet called Paradise. And it was just that, until Trobils started popping up! Now the people are desperate to reclaim their planet. Trobils are repulsive, obnoxious space-vermin. They clutter the streets, eat anything in sight, cover everything in drool, and talk in movie theaters. No one is sure where they come from, but you'll have a difficult time getting rid of them once they appear. 

Paradise needs professional Trobil Hunters, like you, to remove their Trobils! 2-7 player strategy game that works at 7 players! Because the turns in Trobils are so fast, and the bumping mechanic alleviates Analysis Paralysis, even with 7 players there's little down time.   

The Game Asking for Trobils is a competitive game where players place their ships on locations that earn them resources and other advantages. On your turn, you'll place one of your ships on a location and take that action. If you don't have any ships to place, you'll pick up all of your ships for your turn. 
Bumping: If someone wants to place their ship where you are, there's no blocking. They bump your ship, and give it back to you. That way, you will have a ship to place on your next turn instead of having to pick them up! 
Location Customization: You can purchase upgrades to your ship card that allow you to gain more resources when you go to the upgraded locations. Hint: Your opponents are likely to go where they have a lot of connections. If you go there first, you might get bumped. 
Meet RiffRaff who help you out along the way. They may travel with you, give you immediate bonuses, or modify the board to help out Trobil Hunters. It's a race to gather resources efficiently to capture Trobils, who are worth points, and become the greatest Trobil Hunter in the galaxy! 

Both expansions have a lot to offer. The Companions Expansion brings out new thematic and challenging ways to capture Trobils. Gain new allies, who will be a little difficult to work with sometimes, but will allow you to obtain the new resource - Shards! 

The Trobil Makers Expansion offers an additional path to scoring points and new ways to upgrade your Ship card! If you're especially slick, you'll be able to score points capturing Trobils AND Trobots.