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Board Royale: The Island 2nd Ed + 8 Expansions SUPERPRICE by Arvis Games NIS


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This is a brand new, sealed (NIS) copy. Latest edition. Attractively priced package deal!
- Board Royale Base Game 2nd Printing
- Disaster Expansion
- Military Expansion
- NSFW Expansion
- Skills 1 Expansion
- Skills 2 Expansion
- Zombies Expansion
- Wild Hunt Expansion
- Missions Expansion

BOARD ROYALE is a turn-based survival card game for 2 to 6 players. To survive, you will have to be sneaky and a ruthless backstabber. BEWARE: Board Royale can be a friendship breaker! The goal of the game is to survive by any means necessary. If a player runs out of resources, they are instantly eliminated from the game! The last man standing on the island or the first to escape by collecting 10 escape points, wins the game. This is not an easy task!

Each round is one day on the island, during which you must gather resources and spend them to craft items with various abilities in order to attack your opponents and ensure your survival.

A deserted island is a dangerous place. It is hard to survive even without other players trying to kill you. So be prepared to face the wrath of Mother Nature!
This 60 card expansion pack gives extra flavor of being on a wild and dangerous island. It even has an optional game mode where every player works together to survive!

MILITARY Expansion
Guns, weapons and explosions! A lot of new toys to wreck havoc! Even some experimental tech in to the mix! This military grade expansion pack bring more options to eliminate your opponents. But beware! It is as easy to die as easy to kill!
Military expansion pack keeps the simple setup and mechanics of original game play and gives 80 new cards to give you more options and fun.

NSFW Expansion
Dirty, naughty and bizarre. This is not Coral Island and we are not kids. We are adults. We have our own ways of fun! So get ready for a flavor that you've never seen! Did you get high on the island or lost in the realm? Who knows! who cares?
This expansion comes with 60 cards pack full of dirty fun, bad surprises and silly items. You will never know what comes next but can't wait either! There is also a party mode just perfect for this pack! (Age: 18+)

SKILLS Expansion
You may be on a deserted island but at least you know things, things that can help you to survive. Take one out of seven personas and become more ready to handle what island and other players can throw at you!
This pack comes with 56 cards to give your game more depth then ever before. Be a scavenger, medic even a diplomat to find your way up to the top!

SKILLS 2 Expansion
The Island is so popular now. It is full of new faces. Skills 2 Expansion comes with brand new 6 unique playable character classes. Like our previous Skills Expansion, each class has their unique set of skills that will change the way you play the game entirely.

ZOMBIES Expansion
Dead has decided to take a stroll ! Bizearre experiments of K.R.A.K.E.N. Industries resulted in a verry predictable conclusion ! Battle against the hoarding zombies or just join them !
Sleep with one eye open beacause each zombie will have an unique type, apparel and a mutation to challenge your party !

WILD HUNT Expansion
The creatures of K.R.A.K.E.N. Industries escaped from their cages and they are hungry. Fighting side-by-side with other survivors and cooperating with them is your only choice. Hunt or be hunted!
This expansion turns competitive Board Royale gameplay into a cooperative strategic experience. Face against deadly creatures, team up with other survivors and animal companions, strategize your plan, fight for your life, and defeat bosses! If anyone dies, the game is over!

MISSIONS Expansion
Have you ever thought about why you have been stranded on this Island ? Everything is part of a big sinister plan set in motion by K.R.A.K.E.N. Industries. They bought you here for ... a Job Application.