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Ceres Kickstarter Exclusive Ed + 2 Expansions by Artipia Games (4)

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This is a brand new, sealed (NIS) copy. Latest edition. Fresh from Kickstarter. Pictures are taken from a house-copy. You will receive a factory-sealed brand new copy.
- Ceres Core Game
- Ceres: Mars contracts Expansion
- Ceres: Comets expansion
- Ceres: KS promos + Mission Patch

YEAR: 2219
The days of Earth being the center of humankind’s attention has ceased. The time of long-distance spaceflight and planet colonization is upon us.
Mars has been colonized for more than 100 years. Today, numerous institutions use Mars as the center of their operations. The Asteroid Mining Assembly of Corporations (A.M.A.C) oversees the works of all asteroid mining.

Ceres, a dwarf planet lying amid the chaos of the Asteroid Belt, is now the home of the asteroid mining industrial complex.

While corporations compete for profit and power, and operations on Ceres grow rapidly, so is the demand for high-skilled laborers.

Are you ready to board the mission and lead Ceres? CERES awaits you!

Ceres is a 1-4 Sci-Fi worker placement game where players take the role of an Asteroid Mining Corporation in the near future and try to outplay their opponents and rule Ceres! The game consists of 3 rounds that represent 3 years in Ceres and the respective full business cycles of the corporations. Players can choose among a variety of actions including launching mining probes to the Asteroid Belt, trading raw materials, constructing and upgrading their core facilities as well as expanding the colony of Ceres, improving their technology through research and liaising with the Mars council in order to exploit their power even more!
Ceres has been co-developed with an astrophysicist for the best possible thematic applications and brings a couple of innovative twists to the worker placement genre!

Mars, amongst the numerous institutions of its thriving colony, facilitates the headquarters of the Asteroid Mining Assembly of Corporations.
The A.M.A.C. council has always had a deep bureaucratic structure consisting of a number of different unions and federations serving mostly their own plans and agendas. It expects your unwavering commitment to integrating their requirements by fulfilling their contracts.

In Mars Contracts, you get to follow certain ways of development in your corporations trying to fulfill contracts (objectives) of different unions. Dealing with these unions will offer you new actions combinations and rewards.

In this expansion the union tiles are introduced. Players may use their leader tokens to take contract cards from the union tiles that provide them with some small objectives that can be fulfilled by following certain paths of development or use specific actions through the game. For every contract they fulfill, each union provides more victory points to all players who contributed by completing their contracts.

Comets are now approaching the Asteroid Belt. They will offer valuable resources for your corporation and will help you reach more distant Asteroids as they orbit around the sun. Of course there is always a chance they will explode if they plunge into the fiery embrace of the sun. Will you take the risk to send one of your probes to them?

In this expansion, Comet tokens are placed on the Asteroid belt and they travel, from round to round, from belt to belt, towards the sun. Send there a probe using the same rules as for Asteroids and get advantage of their resources and victory points. Afterwards you may move your probe at no cost to an available neighbor asteroid or risk to stay on it. There is a chance that instead of providing more resources and victory points they get exploded by checking the explosion cards and earn less than expected.

Extra content that was created during the Kickstarter campaign of Ceres:
- Additional Facilities and Settlement projects: Synergy, Dual and Grand Facilities and new Settlement Projects can be included in any game.
- Alternative Favor tokens: In every game 4 favor tokens are needed. Having more available to choose from makes each game even more unique.
- Additional Cargo Spacecraft tiles: 2 more tiles to shuffle with the rest, that also provide alternative, never seen before, ways to exchange resources.
- Corporate Agendas: Secret objectives for players to follow and score victory points.
- Machinery: A new deck of expansions for your outstation that provide additional functions and a selection of extra production or more victory points.
- Trojan Asteroids: Expansion for the asteroid belt providing more options for your mining probes to land on.
- Mega Projects: Players compete on the completion of a mega project that will provide benefits and more victory points depending on how much every player participated. Includes 4 different mega projects for variety in your games
- Very Hard Automa: 4 Automa Leader cards for experienced players looking for harder opponents.
- In addition it comes with a black cloth pouch that can be used during the setup of the game to randomly assign workers on the 3 cargo spacecrafts.