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Deliverance Kickstarter Deluxe Ed by Lowen Games - SEALED


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This is a brandnew, sealed copy. Latest edition. Fresh from Kickstarter.
- Deliverance Kickstarter Ed Base Game
- Add-Ons Metal Coins, Acrylic Figures and Neoprene Mat are NOT included

Will You Overcome the Forces of Darkness?

Deliverance is a co-operative tactical adventure board game for 1-4 players (1-2 hrs). Take on the role of an elite angelic warrior gifted with epic powers, battle demonic foes, hold back the Darkness afflicting the Saints, and uncover the mystery of the demonic activity in Fallbrook!

In Deliverance, you take on the role of an elite angelic warrior in the army of Heaven. Since the victory on the Cross, you have hunted the fallen angelic Princes. Once your faithful brethren, they now lead Satan’s forces of Darkness in a bitter war against the humans, bent on corrupting every last soul. In a bid to end their reign of chaos, you have planned a daring mission into one of their great Strongholds - The seemingly quiet human city of Fallbrook.

Armed with your weapons, courage, and your God-given angelic powers, you and your faithful allies must overcome legions of demons to slay their leader. But be watchful, for the darkness of the mortal world seems to be spreading into the spiritual realm.

On The Spiritual Battlefield,
There Are No Sidelines.
Deliverance is known for its stunning art, innovative tactical gameplay, and well-researched and thoughtfully implemented “Christian Fantasy” theme. Deliverance includes a thrilling story-driven Campaign as well as a highly replayable Skirmish mode. You can engage in the story and work to uncover the mystery of the demonic attention over the small, seemingly unimportant town of Fallbrook, or experience an intense “one-shot” play session with friends at game night.
Will you deliver the Saints from evil, or will the town of Fallbrook descend into darkness?

Choose Your Angel
In Deliverance, you take on the role of an elite angelic warrior, blessed by God with stewardship of epic powers and holy relics to aid you in your battle against the darkness. Each angel has a distinct playstyle and numerous builds, and every angel can also be played solo! Which of the nine angels will you choose?

Michael, the Archangel
Michael is the courageous captain of the forces of Heaven. Armed with a massive greatsword, the thrill of combat and desire to protect drives him forward, dealing and suffering harm on behalf of his allies.

Azrael, Angel of Death
Azrael has served faithfully since the beginning as the keeper of the plagues, and the fallen ones have long feared his mighty reaping scythe. Though he has never allowed himself to be seen by a mortal, they fear his hand nonetheless.

Christine, Voice of Thunder
Christine is a fearless warrioress that often charges ahead of the front line into the midst of enemy combatants. Her powers can level foes foolish enough to get too close to her … or to each other.

Uriel, Flame of God
Uriel is a master swordsman that thrives in close combat, scorching his foes with both blade and flame. Blessed with great speed, Uriel uses the fire within to sustain him in battle and fell his foes.

Mikko, Riverwatcher
Mikko is a highly mobile angelic fighter that flows through the battlefield like water, striking enemies as she moves. She relies on skillful positioning to make the most of her deadly spear attacks.

Sardius, Stonespeaker
Sardius is a living volcano empowered with control over the elements of the earth. His arms juxtapose two truths about his power: Raw power of lava flow and glorious flora produced by fertile soil.

Gabriel, Messenger of God
Gabriel is a nimble messenger that uses his blurring speed to race across the battlefield to support allies with Prayer cover. His gladius keeps foes at range, and his Discus shield has never missed its mark.

Shula, Keeper of Light
Shula is an angel blessed with stewardship over the element of light. She bends it to her will as she dances with her doves, healing allies with a gentle glow or refracting light into lethal force beams.

Taolu, Windwalker
Taolu is the embodiment of the unpredictable nature of the wind. His martial prowess is at its most fearsome as he flows through powerful stances in the midst of his foes.