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Dodos Riding Dinos + lots of Kickstarter Excl Add-Ons by Draco Games SEALED (6)


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This is a brand new, sealed (NIS) copy. Latest edition. Fresh from Kickstarter. Pictures are taken from a house-copy. You will receive a factory-sealed brand new copy.
- Dodos Riding Dinos Kickstarter Base Game
- Dodos Riding Dinis - Dodo Dash Expansion 
- Kux & Babbey KS Expansion
- Servit & Aureus KS Expansion
- Crossover Mecha Chicken Dimetrodon KS Expansion
- DRD Customs Sleeves + Foam Projectiles

Choose your favorite Dodo/Dino miniature!
Advance with blue or red cards and solve their whacky effects. Some will test your dexterity against your rivals by throwing bananas, flicking dodo eggs or making meteors fall.

Red cards are extra powerful but if too many players pick them during the same round, their effects will be ignored. Green cards allow the Dodo to react at any time.

Damage your rivals so they discard cards, with no cards in hand their Dodos will retrocede as a penalty and draw some cards.
At the end of each round, the Dodo in the lead advances an extra space while the rest get to draw a card.
The fastest Dodo and Dino will be saved from extinction!
One to six players compete in Dodos Riding Dinosaurs, a competitive family dexterity game that presents a crazy race.

Dodos Riding Dinos - Dodo Dash
A standalone game with more Dodos Riding Dinos characters and tracks that integrates with the original game.

This expansion features a new way to interact with your Dodo as a projectile.
In this racing-dexterity game, players throw projectiles to impede the other players from reaching the finish line first. Flick eggs, throw bananas, drop meteorites and more!

During the scheming phase, all players choose a card from their hand and play it facedown. Aggressive cards (red) are stronger than normal cards (blue) but if too many players choose an Aggressive card, their effects will be cancelled.

In the running phase, players resolve their cards in turn order. Advancing towards the finish line and resolving effects. Reaction cards (green) can be played to react in between turns.
At the end of the round, the player in the lead advances 1 hex while the rest draw 1 card.

Make sure to keep cards in your hand, otherwise you will have to go back. Projectiles is the surest way to damage your opponents or forcing their Racer to go back.
Each board has a unique dynamic that will make the experience very different.

DRD - Kux & Babbey
An epic crossover for all backers in the Kickstarter campaign.
Kuxcoatl by artist Tom Babbey from Dragons of the Red Moon has been recreated in the style of Dodos Riding Dinos. This expansion contains a plastic miniature, a wooden meeple and their Dino Rider card.

DRD - Servit & Aureus
Aureus Fulgen from Dragonbond joins the race in Dodos Riding Dinos.
His Radiant Majesty allows you to exchange your hand of cards with another player if you are not in the lead.

Mecha Chicken Dinosaur

Chicken Nicholas joins the race with this mechanical dino. "Mecha Chicken Dimetrodon" is a crossover guest for Dodos riding Dinos and will be a machine that players can build in War for Chicken Island.

This Expansion includes:
"Oby & The JJJ's" card as a Leader in War for Chicken Island.
Krakatoa & Cannons card as a runner for the Dodo Eggthrone in Dodos riding Dinos.
Mecha Chicken Dimetrodon miniature, compatible with 2 cards for both games, DrD and WFCI.