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Evolution New World Kickstarter 2023 ALL-IN by CrowD Games SEALED


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This is a brandnew, sealed copy. Latest edition. Fresh from Kickstarter.
- Evolution: New World Core Game
- Evolution: New World Butterfly Effect Expansion
- Evolution New World Kickstarter Exclusives Box
- Evolution New World Kickstarter Exclusive Sleeves Package.

The diversity of living organisms inhabiting our planet is astonishing. According to the theory of evolution, random mutations occur all the time, granting new traits to animals and plants. These traits are then tested through natural selection. Animals with beneficial traits propagate more successfully than others, expand their habitat areas, and effectively protect themselves against predators and unfavorable conditions. Such species dominate the ecosystem, while poorly adapted animals become extinct.

Evolution. New World is an updated and extended version of the basic Evolution. The Origin of Species game. It includes both well-known animal traits and new ones, complete with refined descriptions and colorful illustrations. Food is now generated using Area cards, and animals can use shelter to hide from predators.

Every ecosystem is a complex combination of living organisms and the environment. Even a small change in any element affects the entire system, but balance is usually restored quickly. However, sometimes a random event leads to the butterfly effect – an unpredictable cascade of changes that can completely transform the whole biosphere.

Evolution: New World – Kickstarter Box includes The Butterfly Effect expansion and all additional exclusive and limited content from the crowdfunding campaign.

In the box, you’ll find:
New Evolution and Area cards (including Exclusive Promo cards, alt-art cards and foil cards). Add more gameplay depth and create dynamic survival strategies for your animals.
The Solo mode. In the Alien World scenario you will fight 1 on 1 against the merciless Dominator and insatiable Devastator for supremacy or create your own monsters to compete with.
Additional tokens. With the expansion, up to 6 players can enjoy Evolution together.
Butterfly Effect scenario. Start a chain reaction of random events that affect the game’s course and change the evolutionary process.
Exclusive non-gameplay components (sticker pack, metal pin).