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Federation Deluxe Edition Kickstarter + Add-On by Eagle Gryphon Games SEALED

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This is a brandnew, sealed copy. Latest edition. Fresh from Kickstarter.
- Federation Deluxe Edition w/Kickstarter Extras
- President of the Senate Meeple Excl.

The galaxy is organized into many coalitions that govern multiple solar systems and worlds. Your system wants to join one of these federations. Your fledgling empire is small, but that will not stop you. It is your job to impress the petty bureaucrats who control access to the Federation that your tiny government should be taken seriously. Becoming a full member would give you advantages over your rivals. But yours is not the only delegation that has set its sights on joining the Federation. So, the contest begins! You have 5 years to prove that you can be a productive member. During these 5 years, you must make the most of your opportunities to impress them. Sometimes you may be forced to work together with your rivals to provide funding for special projects. So, it can be helpful to make friends, but you must stay one step ahead of them. At the end of the 5 years, only one new member will be selected - the one with the most prestige!

Federation is an interactive Eurogame with an innovative double-sided worker placement mechanic. Every time you place a worker, you must decide if that worker will vote in favor of legislation that helps your cause or provides funding for local improvement projects. Every action is critical. At the end of the year, the votes are counted, and whichever legislation becomes law offers points for the players who have the highest level of influence in that area. Players must keep an eye on each opponent to see the places where they are strong or weak. Making sure that the areas you specialize in will score at the end of the game is critical to your success. Plan your strategy and execute it with the proper timing, and that spot in the Federation will be secured!

The Deluxe Edition includes all of the bonus content found on the Federation Kickstarter. See components list below.

1 Central board (double-sided) Deluxe
45 Erudite tiles (9 different tiles per types)
8 Deep Space tiles
1 Special Ambassador token
8 Starting tiles (Starting Planet)
2 Accreditation level tokens (+1 and +2)
8 Megastructure tokens
4 Production Structure tiles (double-sided)
50 Alteration tokens
10 Law tiles (5 different Law tiles per color)
12 Asteroid tokens
28 Medals of honor (7 colors)
76 Resource tokens
8 scoring markers (2 per player)
4 +200/250 Scoring Markers (1 per player)
7 Major Project markers
1 President of the Senate punchboard standee (1st player)
48 Special Mission tokens (12 per player)
4 Joint Major Project marker
4 individual player boards (double layer)
16 Ambassador tokens double-sided (Voting / Funding) (4 per player)
32 Spaceships (8 per player)
4 Accreditation markers (1 per player)
4 Mage pawns (1 per player)
24 Robot pawns (6 per player)
4 Miner pawns (1 per player)
24 Trade discs (6 per player)
8 player aids (double-sided)
4 Assistant dice (1 per player)
8 removable storage trays with lids

Components for 2- and 3-player games:
5 Federated Planet Blocking tiles
5 Room of the Senate Blocking tiles
9 Neutral Player Vote tiles

Additional Deluxe Components:
16 Deluxe Ambassador tokens double-sided (Voting / Funding) (4 per player) Deluxe
1 Special Ambassador token Deluxe
28 Wooden Silkscreen Medals of honor (7 colors) Deluxe
76 Resource Gems (60 Crystals & 16 Golden Diamonds) (Plastic Gem) Deluxe
1 Legendary Spaceship token Deluxe
15 Bonus Erudite tiles Deluxe
Rule Sheet for Bonus Content (Erudite Tiles & Legendary Spaceship)