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High Dream HL Pro Metaltech MT05 Gattaiger & Roboizer die cast action figure

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Most of these items have some factory defects in the form of a little paint and/or scratches on both legs, caused by the fists, touching the legs (see last 2 pictures). We have discounted the item by almost 50%, the normal retail price being $179. The rest of the figure and the spaceship is in perfect condition and still a great deal for the price.

The color 'red' in the stock photos (photo 1-3) is actually a little bit more orange in reality. 


This is the 5th release in the popular die-cast Metaltech line from HL Pro, Japan.

Uchu Enban Daisenso, also known as 'Battlefield of The Space Saucers' and 'The Great Battle of the Flying Saucers', is a 1975 animated short film created by Go Nagai

The movie is considered to be the prototype for the future anime TV series UFO Robot Grendizer, which premiered that same year.

The Main hero 'Duke Fleed' has to escape his planet while under attack by the Yaban forces. He manages to steal GATTAIGER, an experimental giant robot with spacer and flees to Earth, pursued by General Blaki.

Duke Fleed has to confront the Yaban forces on Earth and loses his fiance Tellona in the process.

Unlike the Robot Grendizer, the most powerful weapon in Uchu Enban Daisenso is not the robot, ROBOIZER, but the spacer, called THE FLYING TIGER. It's powerful capabilities include faster than light flight, Spider Spin (a buzzsaw mode used by the Flying Tiger), Needle Shower (needle missiles from the Flying Tiger), Space Thunder (three lasers from each side of the Flying Tiger), and Thunder Focus (combining all six beams into one).

METALTECH05: GATTAIGER is a die cast set including the robot and the spacer with different options to change its look. The robot stands 16.5 cm tall. As in the Anime, the robot Roboizer can be poised in many ways, docked or undocked in the FLYING TIGER, using exchangeable parts. This is a heavy diecast metal toy weighing almost 2 pounds!


1 6 Inch fully articulated (21 PoA) ROBOIZER

1 extra pair of hands

1 removable back piece


1 Circular saw weapon

1 Reversible engine

1 Removable frontal arrow

1 Removable frontal cover

1 cockpit cover

1 cockpit roboizer head

Package    : Metaltech sealed box decorated with 100% original artwork.