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HL Pro Grendizer 9 inch Maria Grace Fleed-Hikaru Makiba-Rubina-Prof Umon COMBO

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UFO Robot Grendizer is a Super Robot TV anime and manga created by manga artist Go Nagai. It is the third entry in the Mazinger trilogy. It was broadcast on Japanese television from October 5, 1975, to February 27, 1977, and lasted 74 episodes. The robot's first appearance in the United States was as a part of the Shogun Warriors line of super robot toys imported in the late 1970s by Mattel, then in Jim Terry's Force Five series, both under the title Grandizer. It is still widely popular in the Middle East, and it was especially popular in France and Quebec, as well as among French speaking Canadians in the province of New Brunswick, where it was aired under the title Goldorak. In Italy, the series was as popular and known as Goldrake.

Finally the 2 female characters completing the UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER Eagle Team in casual dress are available in the 9 inch vinyl figure format

Maria Grace Fleed (Fr: Phenicia)
Maria Grace fleed is now joining the 9inch vinyl figure collection, like her brother, Duke Fleed, she stayed on Earth and joined forces to protect our planet against King Vega and his army. 

Hikaru Makiba (Fr: Venusia)
Hikaru Makiba is finally joining the ever growing 9 inch vinyl figure collection. Friend of Duke Fleed and key member of the eagle team fighting against the Vegan army force, she is the famous pilot of the Marine Spacer, able to dock on Grendizer's back.  

Compared to other Vegans, Rubina had a much more human-like appearance lacking the same long ears other Vegans possessed. She had porcelain white skin, long bright wavy red hair, and purple eyes. She wears a pilot suit is a dark blue and black skin tight suit with a matching helmet.

Professor Umon
Pr. UMON (a.k.a Procyon), a top space scientist, is the adoptive father of the UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER series main hero, Duke Fleed.
One of the key characters of the manga as he is able to repair the giant robot Grendizer after the numerous fights against the Vegan army force, and also developed various flying mecha to help Duke Fleed and his robot, the double spacer, the marine and drill spacer, all piloted by Duke Fleed’s best friends, Koji, Hikaru, and his sister, Maria.
Pr. Umon is the father figure of the show, protective and always taking wise decisions. 

All figures:
Box size: 12 x 6 x 23 cm
Size: 9 Inch (23 cm)
Material: Vinyl / PVC