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War for Chicken Island+lots of Kickstarter Excl Addons by Draco Games SEALED (8)


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This is a brand new, sealed (NIS) copy. Latest edition. Fresh from Kickstarter. Pictures are taken from a house-copy. You will receive a factory-sealed brand new copy.
- War for Cicken Island Base Game
- The Cackle of Cluckthulhu KS Expansion
- Yolk Sothoth KS Expansion
- Dragon Mamma KS Expansion
- Crossover Mecha Chicken Dimetrodon KS Expansion
- 1 Sea Cloth Mat
- Colored Snap Bases
- Regroup! Chicken Army Standalone game

War For Chicken Island is a strategy war game in which each player must break through the tiny space of the island and manage their limited resources to defeat each opponent and prove they are the champion of the island.

Each player will command a small army of chickens and a leader with special attributes. Besides, each player will have 5 dice that grant extra actions and 9 resources that will allow them to build machines for the battle.
Fun and easy, it's not only the best way to introduce new players into wargames, but also challenging for hardcore players.
No player elimination. Easy to learn. Take that feeling. 20 custom dice. 42 miniatures. Innovative pilot system. A wargame you’ll enjoy PvP. 3 additional game variants.

Can you lead your army to the victory and show everyone you are the ultimate strategist in such a simple game without movement freedom?

The Cackle of Cluckthulhu
Chicken Island has been immersed in war for years now. Seeking for new powers in places where no chicken was meant to go, a new threat rises: The Cult of Cluckthulhu. Silent wanderers are called to a profane celebration. Their goal: to invoke unthinkable horrors out of this world or any other! Now, the Leaders of the chicken army must become Chickenstigators to fight together this dread terror or perish in darkness.

The Cackle of Cluckthulhu is a cooperative scenario for War For Chicken Island for 1 to 4 players.

Suggested by backers, created by Draco Studios & Detestable Games.

Yolk Sothoth is a Kickstarter exclusive mini for War For Chicken Island for 1 to 4 players.

Suggested by backers, created by Draco Studios & Detestable Games.

Dragon Mama is a mini with Leader Card for War For Chicken Island, and comes with two Dragon Hatchling minis and unit cards.

Suggested by backers, created by Draco Studios & Detestable Games.

Mecha Chicken Dinosaur
Chicken Nicholas joins the race with this mechanical dino. "Mecha Chicken Dimetrodon" is a crossover guest for Dodos riding Dinos and will be a machine that players can build in War for Chicken Island.

This Expansion includes:
"Oby & The JJJ's" card as a Leader in War for Chicken Island.
Krakatoa & Cannons card as a runner for the Dodo Eggthrone in Dodos riding Dinos.
Mecha Chicken Dimetrodon miniature, compatible with 2 cards for both games, DrD and WFCI.

In Regroup! Chicken Army you organize your army of chicken warriors or chicken wizards to fight with the other players' armies. Only one chicken army will emerge victorious from battle!

Each turn you choose a card and place it over another card on your grid seeking a match between physical or magical attack and defense. Once all the players have placed and organized their card, the round ends and the combat begins. Each player deals or absorbs damage (physical or magical) based on the connected chickens of the same type (sword, shield, wands, barriers). The last player standing, wins!