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44 BCE a Game of Strategy and Betrayal by Gray Forrest Games SEALED

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44 BCE is a strategic board game set in ancient Rome where players vie for power and influence in the aftermath of Julius Caesar’s assassination.

Step into the turbulent world of ancient Rome with 44 BCE, the immersive board game where betrayal, strategy, and ambition collide! As a contender vying for power in the wake of Julius Caesar’s assassination, you’ll navigate the treacherous political landscape, forging alliances, orchestrating betrayals, and maneuvering your way to the top. With its dynamic gameplay, stunning artwork, and endless strategic possibilities, 44 BCE promises hours of exhilarating gameplay for seasoned strategists and casual gamers alike. Are you ready to rewrite history and claim the title of Emperor? Grab your copy of 44 BCE today and experience the thrill of power and prestige in the Roman Republic!

On the Ides of March 44 BCE; Julius Caesar was assassinated. In the power vacuum, you vie for control of the Roman Republic. With no clear leader in place, the Senate awards Imperium Maius to one of your rivals. You must scheme, conspire and backstab to increase your Imperium. The Senate will observe the shifts in power and grant Imperium Maius to the most powerful leader. At last, the Senate will be forced to concede, one leader has an insurmountable amount of Imperium! The Roman Empire will be born and a new Caesar will be crowned! Will it be you?

44 BCE is a rotating all-on-one strategy game for 2-5 players aged 14 and up.

In this dramatic, emotion provoked, immersive gameplay, you are one of five suitors, Agrippa, Brutus, Cleopatra, Mark Antony, or Octavian, competing to become the first Emperor of Rome. Each year the Imperium Maius will compete against the Suitors to maintain control of the republic.

To succeed, you must collaborate with the other suitors but remain on the lookout for every opportunity to gain an advantage over your fellow competitors and slash them down. If you succeed, the Senate will declare you Imperium Maius for the next year.

After clashing it out over six years (rounds), the player with the most Imperium will be anointed the first Roman Emperor!