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Amygdala Deluxe Kickstarter Exclusive All-In Ed by Game Brewer SEALED

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Product description

Life is full of emotion, and the region of the brain primarily associated with processing these emotions is the Amygdala.

In the abstract strategy game Amygdala, players vie for control of different regions, each associated with an emotion. They must collect and store emotional resources in their memory bank which they will use to unlock emotions from their mind, then place these emotion tiles on the main game board.

Emotion tiles can be connected in networks of like emotions to score points. The player with the most emotions in each region can score big points at the end of the game, but only if they manage to unlock and place a claim tile belonging to the region they wish to score.

Box Content
  • 1 Exclusive numbered game box with holographic foil - 295 x 295 x 90 mm (box depth subject to change)
  • 1 Exclusive game board 2.6mm, matte lamination, linen finish - 560 x 560 mm (4-fold)
  • 4 Exclusive player boards 3mm, linen finish - 272 x 210 mm
  • 112 Exclusive tokens 3mm with UV-spot and linen finish: 84 emotion tiles, 28 claim tokens
  • 186 Exclusive tokens 3mm with holographic foil and linen finish: 72 resource tokens, 12 wild tokens, 18 idea tokens, 24 dream tokens, 18 happiness tokens, 33 coins, 1 start player marker, 1 circumstance marker, and 7 VP tokens.
  • 8 Custom-shaped wooden tokens with 1C silk screen print (double sided) in 4 player colors: 4 thought clouds, and 4 VP markers.
  • 4 Custom-shaped wooden mood markers, one in each player color.
  • 4 Rulebooks 157gsm in English, German, French, and Dutch.
  • 8 Magnetic Storage Boxes
  • 33 Metal Coins in 3 distinct colors with black base