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Chicken! & Chicken! Eggspansion SEALED by Keymaster Games


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This is a brandnew, sealed copy. Latest edition.
- Chicken! Deluxe Edition
- Chicken! Eggspansion

Pop open the tube and start chucking dice with family and friends! In Chicken!, players will be rolling dice each turn—pressing their luck to score more Chickens while avoiding those foxes.

On a turn, a player must choose to roll all the dice passed to them or "Chicken Out" to roll fewer dice. Players will score points from the Chickens they roll, but they will bust (and score no points) if 3 or more foxes appear across their dice.

For each Egg symbol rolled, a die is hatched from the Coop and then the active player will choose to reroll all of their blanks, eggs, and newly hatched dice, or they may score their points and pass the dice to the next player. If a player chooses to "Chicken Out" at the start of their turn, they lose a point for being a chicken, but they get to place all Yellow and Orange dice back into the Coop.

The first player to reach 25 Points from their Chickens wins the game!


Blue the Dog and Mother Hen are ready to help out on the farm. The Chicken! Eggspansion includes two new dice and a cloth Seed Bag to mix things up on the farm! Blue the Dog may bark to scare away Foxes, but like any good boy, he loves a nap, and might not be the most reliable helper. Mother Hen is laying Eggs and hatching Chicks that will maximize your scoring potential, but look out! More Foxes are after this fabulous fowl. The Seed Bag is not just a useful tool to hold all your components for storage, it also gives you a fun new way to push your luck on the dice you roll throughout the game. In the Expansion, you get to choose whether you hatch new dice from those available in the Coop, or pull them randomly from the Seed Bag.