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Dungeonology Wave 2 Rocca Civetta Stretch Goals Box + 5 more Expansions SEALED


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This is Wave 2 of Demonology including the following:
- Leonardo’s Workshop Expansion
- Rigor Mortis Expansion
- Rocca Civetta’s All stretch Goals
- Artbook
- Unruly Students Add-On
- The Triple Threat Add-On

Core Game is necessary for play and it is NOT included.

Welcome to Rocca Civetta, a charming town in the Italian hinterland, which hosts one of the most bizarre universities that the human mind has ever conceived.
In fact, this university hosts the chair of Dungeonology, which deals with the study of the environments and organization of different cultures, especially the most atypical and strange... almost Mythical!
Recently, the faculty lost its professor, and the Dean is looking for a skilled replacement. You are the ideal candidates for this job.
Set in the renaissance world of Nova Aetas, Dungeonology will lead you to the discovery of different Civilizations in order to learn their histories and customs. But be careful: the locals will not always be happy with your intrusion.
The aim of the game is to explore a Dungeon as a Scholar, gathering as much information as possible about the people who live there. Information yields Points, and the Scholar collecting the highest number of Points will present the best Thesis on the studied race.

Dungeonology: Rocco Civetta Box:
All components in the base game that were exclusive to Kickstarter backers and not to be released in retail.
This includes:
- Rocca Civetta's Box with plastic tray
- 1 Manticore mini
- 1 Yocca mini
- 2 Floor I Tiles
Black Rose Wars Crossover Materials:
- 1 Stone Collector Forgotten Spell
- 1 Scholar Andromeda Evocation Card
- Manticore Pet Card
Sine Tempore Crossover Materials:
- Crono Relic Equipment Card
- Yocca Pet Card
The Winter Cycle Exclusives:
- 1 Boss: Freddo
- 1 Thermal Baths Zone Tile
- 8 Hot Water Tokens
- 1 Frozen Campus Tile
- 6 Iota Student Minis
The Fourth Floor Exclusive:
- Scholar: Sara Loft
Middara Crossover Exclusive:
- Boss: Shadowlord
The Adventure Cycle Exclusive:
- Boss: Enrico
Sword and Sorcery Crossover Exclusive:
- Scholar: Onamor
The Cycle From the Future Past Exclusives:
- Boss: Jukas (Sine Tempore Crossover)
- 1 Time Landing Zone Tile
- 1 Crippled Mind Jinx Card
- 3 Clan Cards
- Scholar: Andromeda (Black Rose Wars Crossover)
- 1 Ancient Machine Zone Tile
- 1 Destroyer Beam Jinx Card
- 2 Intern Cards (Brute and Fortune-Teller)
- 3 Trick Cards
- 3 New Student Minis

Dungeonology: Rigor Mortis Expansion:
Kickstarter exclusive expansion that adds the following:
- 4 Scholar Models
- 1 Boss Model
- 6 Zone Tiles
- 3 Standard Cards
- 7 Tarot Cards
- 15 Mini Cards

Dungeonology: Leonardo's Workshop Expansion:
Expansion that adds Team vs. Team to the game as well as several new components:
- 1 Mechalisa Model
- 1 Leonardo Model
- 1 Architect Model
- 5 Spiderbot Models
- 20 Zone Tiles
- 23 Standard Cards
- 5 Tarot Cards
- 4 Mini Cards

Dungeonology: Triple Threat Expansion:
With this expansion, a new Mega Boss comes into play! The chaotic Spriggan of the woods will stick to the Scholars, annoying them in completely new ways!
Spriggy in Boots, with his giant boots, will make noise by calling attention to the Student he chooses to follow, but he can also guide him to the most inaccessible places of the Dungeon.
Pinky, with his devastating punches, will chase away all the Students who approach his Scholars, but at the same time threaten the opposing Scholars.
The Brain, with his huge and bulky mask, constantly distracts his Scholar, even if he will help him collect Information Cubes.
But the real treat will be revealed when the three Spriggans meet, joining together to form the terrible SPRIGGAZORD! This Spriggan totem will annoy all Scholars, teleporting to their areas and continuing to follow them relentlessly!

Dungeonology: Unruly Students Expansion:
There is an air of rebellion in Rocca Civetta! The aspiring professors got tired of the rules of the University and accompanied by their brotherhoods, they will enter the dungeons causing chaos.
With this expansion, the Scholars of the core game become fearsome Boss. Each of them will be at the head of a new university brotherhood with specific Students, of different colors, who will act against the players in the most disparate ways.
When one of these new Boss is used in the game, the Students of its brotherhood can be used in addition to the standard Students of the core game, and drawing one of them from the University Bag will activate the boss special powers!
Finally, in this expansion, you will find rules for playing games with two of these Bosses in the same game; double threat, double fun!