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For Glory Kickstarter Premium Edition All-IN - by Spielcraft SEALED


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This is a brandnew, sealed copy. Latest edition. Fresh from Kickstarter.
- For Glory Premium Edition (includes: Realistic Metal Coins, Highly-Detailed Metal Helmet Token, 2 Highly-Detailed Metal Gladius Tokens)
- For Glory Champions Expansion Premium Edition (includes more Metal Coins)
- For Glory Kickstarter Excl. Legends Expansion

For Glory is a game of gladiatorial combat and deck building for 2 players. Players take on the role of gladiator school owners, or lanistas, in ancient Rome. The game utilizes a two-phase system for deck building and combat. During the Machinations Phase, players recruit gladiators, secure the support of influential patrons, increase their income, and train their gladiators in a multitude of tactics. When the crowd’s bloodlust becomes insatiable, the game shifts to the Arena Phase, during which players control their gladiators in various arenas to battle their opponents’ gladiators for glory. Each gladiator has a unique set of stats and a unique ability. Having the right synergies between gladiators often means the difference between death and glory. During arena battles, players also play tactic and reaction cards from their hand to support their gladiators, or turn the tides of battle. The first player to gain six glory by winning arena battles is the victor, and will be remembered for all time as the greatest lanista of Rome.

The Champions expansion brings you back into the arenas of ancient Rome, this time with up to 4 players. New upgradeable champion cards, and other new mechanics add layers of depth while tons of new supply cards provide endless replayability. Play solo against the Ludus Magnus for a true test of mettle.

You are the owner of a gladiator school known as a ludus in ancient Rome. In pursuit of glory, you will develop your school and compete on the sands of the arenas of Rome in brutal gladiatorial contests.

Expand your ludus via deck building. Recruit gladiators, train them in tactics that synergize with their innate abilities, and make sure you have enough influence to get your gladiators into the games.

Control your gladiators in tactical arena battles against your opponents. Use the cards you have added to your deck to execute clever combos. Timing is everything, since you can only use one attack and one tactic per turn.

The reigning champion of each arena gains a powerful arena ability that may prove vital in future battles. Each of the 27 unique arena abilities synergizes with different styles of play, allowing tons of variability between plays. Cut down your opponents in the final arena battle for the ultimate glory.