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Forest of Radgost Divine Pledge by Glama Games SEALED

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All your life you have been told to stay out of the sacred forest.

Few of your people ever ignored this warning. The survivors spoke of terrifying crossroad encounters with strange spirits, demons and mythical beings.

But everything changed when two children fell asleep in the small boat while playing hide and seek. The current carried them away as they drifted off far into the forest depths.

?rec, the tribe’s sorcerer, chose you to join the search party to find and rescue the lost children.

Now you have no choice, you must trespass into the… FOREST OF RADGOST

Detailed miniatures, immersive storytelling, and rich mythology await you in Forest of Radgost, a cooperative storytelling tabletop game that brings Slavic mythology to life.

When a boy and a girl disappear from their village somewhere in IX century Europe, the village druid dispatches a search party to find the children and escort them back to safety. As one of the members of that search party, you will need to trespass into the sacred forest and cross the boundary that separates the realm of humans from the realm of the Slavic deity Radgost.

Inhabiting the forest are strange beings such as the Psoglav, Lesnik, or Todorci, none of which take kindly to human intruders.

You'll need to use all your skills, wisdom, and instincts to survive the numerous encounters with these strange creatures.

Along the way you will develop your character, collect items, gain skills, separate and rejoin with other members of the search party, and, possibly, discover the secret reason why the druid chose you to join the search party.

Forest of Radgost is a role-playing game where each player controls a character with a fleshed-out backstory, motivation, and skill-set. Players navigate the web of interconnected forest footpaths with a pair of dice that determine the distance and direction of their movement, evoking the feeling of being lost in the woods, with creatures lurking at each crossroad.

At each encounter, players must decide whether to run, hide, flee, or communicate, without knowing which creature they are about to face. Depending on their choices, the encounters are resolved according to the numerous scenarios provided in the accompanying book of encounters.

Nine decks of cards add an open-world dimension, allowing players to explore the rich game world based on four years of research into Slavic mythology. Numerous scenarios, map details, and cards interact to weave a unique storyline ensuring that players will never have the same adventure twice.

People lost in forests tend to end up walking in circles. One way to explain this tendency is by a discrepancy between two sides of your body. Perhaps one of your legs is stronger than the other, gradually steering you in one direction, barely, imperceptibly, but just enough to keep you walking in circles.

The Wanderer's spinning top is an alternative to the direction die, meant to simulate this effect. Instead of rolling a die to tell you if you will go left or right or move freely, you spin the spinning top and it would land on one of the three symbols to indicate whether you should move left or right or freely.