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Glen More II Chronicles Base Game + Highland Games Expansion by Funtails

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This listing is for: Glen More II: Chronicles Complete ed. including the base game with eight Chronicles (freely combinable expansions) and all unlocked Stretch Goals and the first expansion Glen More II Higland Games

In Glen More II: Chronicles each player represents a Scottish clan leader from the early medieval ages until the 19th century. Will you focus on growing barley for whisky production, invest in cattle to sell on the markets, travel to other clans in the Highlands to cooperate or will you focus on gaining control of many famous lochs and castles?

The game lasts four rounds, represented by four stacks of tiles. After each round, a scoring phase takes place in which players compare their number of whisky casks, scotsmen in the home castle, landmark cards, and persons against the player with the fewest items in each category and receives victory points (VPs) based on the relative difference. After four rounds, additional VPs are awarded for gold coins and some landmarks while VP penalties are assessed based on territory size, comparing each player's territory to the smallest one in play.

The core mechanism of Glen More II: Chronicles and Glen More functions the same way: The last player in line takes a tile from a time track, advancing as far as they wish on this track. After paying the cost, they place this tile in their territory, with this tile activating itself and all neighboring tiles, triggering the production of resources, movement points, VPs, etc. Then the player who is last in line takes their turn.

Improvements over the original Glen More include bigger tiles, better materials, new artwork, the ability for each player to control the end of the game, and balancing adjustments to the tiles for a better suspense curve. The game is designed to consist of one-third known systems, one-third new mechanisms, and one-third improvements to Glen More.

The "Chronicles" in the title - a set of eight expansions to the base game - are a major part of these new mechanisms. Each Chronicle adds a new gameplay element to the base game. The "Highland Boat Race" Chronicle, for example, tells the story of a boat race in which the winner needs to be the first to reach their home castle after navigating their boat along the river through all the other players' territories. The "Hammer of the Scots" Chronicle adds a neutral "Englishman" playing piece to the time track that players struggle to control to get an additional turn - if they can afford him, that is, as he is paid using the market mechanism. All Chronicles can be freely combined, although designer Matthias Cramer suggests that players use only one or two unless they want a "monster game".

Another major change to the game is the ability to invest in famous Scottish people of the time, who are represented through a new "person" tile type. Persons not only have their own scoring, they also trigger one-time or ongoing effects on the tactical clan board. This adds a new layer of decision making, especially since the ongoing effects allow players to focus on a personal strategy of winning through the use of the clan board.

You will need to make the right decision at the right time. 

Collect the most fame and you've made it! You win the game and your clan stands above all others. Slàinte mhath!

Glen More II: Chronicles is Matthias Cramer's successor to his debut game Glen More released in 2010. And it now contains everything to meet his original vision of Glen More. 

We decided that Glen More II: Chronicles should consist of 1/3 of
- what we love about the original Glen More, like the signature rondel, the activation system and the market
- what we wanted to improve, like much better material, a better game end and a better strategy for small territories
- what we wanted  to add, like more strategic depth implemented with the Clanboard, a new tile type and the new overbuild tiles

This makes for the great base game that you can enjoy many times.

For great replayability we added eight (!) expansions called Chronicles, each one adding a completely new gameplay element and all of them freely combinable that you can add to the base game.

Boardgamegeek rating: 8.2


The first expansion to the succesful Glen More II base game.

More than a 100.000 players have taken control and responsibility for their own Scottish Clan since the release of Glen More II: Chronicles in 2019. They breathed life into their Clans, travelled the Highlands and enjoyed watching their territory grow and flourish. Were you one of them? We thank you!

As written in the latest Update, there will now be Solo Mode support for 11 Chronicles, including the three new Highland Games Chronicles.

Each of the new Chronicle tuckboxes is massive. Compared to the base game Chronicles, the Highland Games Chronicles are at least the size of the largest base game Chronicle, two of them even bigger!

Now including 52 wooden Clanboard Markers!

Now there are REAL challenges ahead. First, there is a new lady in the Glen by the name of MacNificent. And she won't be waiting for you. You better hurry.

Glen More II: Highland Games not only offers three new Chronicles, each one adding a completely new layer of gameplay and interaction, but also comes with a full Solo mode (Automa).

Our guideline was to strengthen your most favorite parts of the game. We created new ways for you to think and act, so that each new Chronicle makes for a fresh experience. An experience that feels even more amazing.

Meet your toughest challenges so far.