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HL Pro Grendizer 9 inch Lady Gandal figure

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UFO Robot Grendizer is a Super Robot TV anime and manga created by manga artist Go Nagai. It is the third entry in the Mazinger trilogy. It was broadcast on Japanese television from October 5, 1975, to February 27, 1977, and lasted 74 episodes. The robot's first appearance in the United States was as a part of the Shogun Warriors line of super robot toys imported in the late 1970s by Mattel, then in Jim Terry's Force Five series, both under the title Grandizer. It is still widely popular in the Middle East, and it was especially popular in France and Quebec, as well as among French speaking Canadians in the province of New Brunswick, where it was aired under the title Goldorak. In Italy, the series was as popular and known as Goldrake.

With these releases we add the enemies of Duke Fleed: General Gandal, Lady Gandal, Commander Gauss and the very rare Split Face Gandal (limited to only 500 pieces worldwide).

General Gandal is a major antagonist in Grendizer as the leader of the Vegan Empire attack on Earth. He shares his body with Lady Gandal a female creature with a unique personality.

Gandal occasionally appears to be a man wearing a suit that conceals his body. During certain times, Gandal's face splits open to reveal Lady Gandal. At first Lady Gandal appears as a small female entity with long red hair and wearing a red outfit with a rod. When Lady Gandal's body is destroyed, she begins to share Gandal's body, taking full control over Gandal's body she appears as a more feminine version of Gandal with makeup, larger eyebrows, and a diamond decoration on her forehead..

Gandal is a brutal schemer extremely loyal to King Vega, Lady Gandal however is much more cunning and ruthless, and appears to be out for her own benefit taking advantage of any situation she can, to take control. Lady Gandal even attemps to kill King Vega so that she can live in peace. Gandal, after being mortally wounded decides to spend the last of his life in battle against the Grendizer, showing his pride as a general and his loyalty to his king. Due to their differing personalities, both aspects of Gandal tend to argue with each other. Gandal is also a drinker, spending most of his appearances out of battle with a cup of alcohol.

Commander Gauss was blackmailed by King Vega so he would attack earth and end the fight against Duke Fleed and his robot UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER. For this, King Vega would spare his home planet from destruction. During the battle with Duke Fleed Gauss ultimately has second thoughts and dies by Grendizer’s blade.

Split Face Gandal is an extremely rare 9 inch figure showing the transition from Gandal to Lady Gandal. It comes with a numbered collector's card.

23 Cm tall (9inch)
Vinyl and pvc material
Window box package: 12 x 6 x 23 Cm

The last image is a picture of all 9 inch characters in the Grendizer line-up that are available now. They are sold separately or in different combos. Check out our other listings.