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Lands of Galzyr Narrative Adventuring + Add-Ons by Snowdale Design SEALED

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This is a brandnew, sealed copy. Latest edition.
It includes:
- Lands of Galzyr Base Game
- Adventure Journal
- Dice Tray - TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!
- Extra Dice Set
- Playmat + Bag

Lands of Galzyr is an adventuring game with an open and persistent world, with everyone's actions having consequences in both the current and future games. Players assume the roles of cunning adventurers traversing the lands while completing quests and trying to gather fame and prestige.
Each game continues where the previous one ended thanks to a clever save-and-load mechanism, with no need for paper-and-pencil bookkeeping. You can play the game as many times as you wish and even swap players between sessions.
Lands of Galzyr is set in Daimyria, the same world as both the Dale of Merchants series and Dawn of Peacemakers. Go adventuring with both familiar and new animalfolks!

Call to adventure!
Ongoing stories in an open world
Each game of Lands of Galzyr picks up where the previous one left off thanks to a clever save and load mechanism. The game records and remembers everything relevant, so there is no need for manual bookkeeping. You can play the game as many times as you want and experience your own unique adventure!

Despite that, you don’t need the same group each time as Lands of Galzyr is a continuous adventure you can play as many times as you want rather than a set campaign. The game supports 1 to 4 players and can be played both competitively and co-operatively.

Digital storybook
Near endless stories. Lands of Galzyr utilises a digital storybook which you can access with an internet browser. You can use the book online or alternatively download and use it offline. It contains stories equal to six regular-sized novels!

Digital Book of Adventures
Ease of use: Compared to a printed storybook, our digital adaptation is faster and comes with many handy features. This significantly cuts down the time wasted on finding the right page or paragraph.

Spoiler free: The storybook only shows you the parts you should see at any given moment, preventing you from accidentally spoiling any upcoming surprises.

Updates: We are able to update the storybook even after release to fine-tune the story entries based on your feedback or to add additional polish.

We commit to keeping the digital storybook online for as long as possible and promise to release it as open source software if we ever find ourselves unable to continue hosting it anymore. You can enjoy your copy till the end of time.

Original soundtrack
2 hours of music
The digital storybook includes a soundtrack of 12 original tracks, totalling to 2 hours of music you can listen to during the game. If you want downloadable, high-quality versions of the tracks to listen to outside the game, you can purchase them directly from the composer, Joash Kari.

Contents of the game ??
480 cards
14 card dividers
2 card trays
1 component tray
1 double-sided game board
4 custom adventurer meeples
4 adventurer boards
48 skill marks
17 custom dice
1 twelve-sided die
57 various tokens
1 travel guide
1 welcoming letter
1 achievement sheet
1 detailed rulebook
Digital storybook
Nearly 400 branching stories
Over 650 000 words
Original soundtrack
2 hours of music
Included in the storybook