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Lying Pirates Deluxe Kickstarter Edition by Nordic Pirates SEALED


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Welcome to the captivating world of Lying Pirates, a game where strategy, and deception merge into an unforgettable experience. 
Your journey through treacherous waters is guided by beautifully crafted components, each designed to enrich the pirate-themed gameplay.

As a player, you will navigate through challenges with your crew, command formidable ships, and barter with shiny doubloons, all while attempting to discern the truth from the lies. 
You are the captain of your ship and the dice you have is your crew.

The game plays in a number of rounds where every round consists of three phases. Betting, sailing and action phase.

The betting phase: Inspired by the classic game Liars Dice, this poker-like mechanic will test your bluffing and probability skills.

The sailing phase: All except the loser sail forward on the map and battle for their event/tile. Some events you really want to explore and some you want to avoid at all cost.

The action phase: To aid you on your journey you'll have action cards on hand. Play these strategically to attack opponents and defend or upgrade your crew.

Here is a detailed list of the game components that bring the thrilling world of Lying Pirates to life:
6 Bamboo Cups
1 Metal Player Token
25 Metal Coins
1 Rulebook & 2 Tile Spec Sheet
78 Action Cards (Linen finish)
8 Game Skins (Linen finish)
25 Magnetic Tiles (Linen finish)
Base Game Map
Expansion Map
6 Battle Dice
6 Special Dice
50 Crew Dice
Dice Board
6 Miniature Ships (Plastic)
6 Captain Coasters
Dice Bag
6 Meeple Ships (Wood)
Ghost Pack (2 extra tiles + 1 Special Die)Lying Pirates is a first to finish fast-paced dice game for 2-4 players (+2 with expansion)