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Soulgivers Boardgame Kickstarter Exclusive Ed by Gravity Games


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This is a brandnew, sealed copy. Latest edition. Fresh from Kickstarter.
- Soulgivers - Core Set (English)
- Soulgivers: The Soulcrusher - 11th Hero English
- Soulgivers: The Aeger - 12th Hero Expansion English
- Soulgivers: The Whisperer - 13th Hero Expansion English
- Soulgivers - Extra Anomalies English (Corrosion)
- Soulgivers - 2 KS Exclusive Anomalies English (Anchor)
- Soulgivers - Foil Cards
- Soulgivers - Cardboard Trays (4 pack)
- Soulgivers - Tile Pouch
- Soulgivers - Stickers
- Soulgivers - Button

In the Soulgivers multiverse, two populations fight for the Fragment, the remains of an ancient planet as well as the only cure that can save them from a cosmic disease called Decay. The clash between the two civilizations is harsh and desperate: the warring creatures can control the field, manipulate the elements, bend the enemy’s will. All of it for just one goal: carry the Fragment to their own Portal, to rush back to their dying planet, before anyone else does it. And you, are ready to save your world from extinction?

Soulgivers is a strategy, 1vs1 and 2vs2 game. The goal of Soulgivers is to capture the Fragment, which is located in the center of the board, and deliver it to one of your two Portals.

There are two populations fighting for the Fragment in order to survive a dreadful illness called Decay: Shells and Specters. Both factions are made up of a party of 10 characters, each one of them characterized by particular Abilities and/or an Aura. The two players face off by playing three characters at a time.

Soulgivers gets its name from the fact that when a hero dies, they leave their Soul imbued with their abilities on the battlefield. This Soul can be absorbed by the teammates of the fallen hero, an action that will gift them with added abilities. Only the best and most strategic combination of Soulgivers and Souls will allow you to save your population.

The Soulcrusher is the 11th hero to reach the battlefield.
Transform the Souls into a destructive weapon and hit your enemies from afar with the Soulcrusher.
This hero is an expansion of the Soulgivers Core Set and includes a Shell Soulcrusher and a Specter Soulcrusher.
This expansion is a Kickstarter exclusive, and it is available only during Gravity Games Kickstarter campaigns and special events.

The Aeger is the 12th hero to reach the battlefield.
Control the Decay and consume your enemies with the Aeger’s dark knowledge.
This hero is an expansion of the Soulgivers Core Set and includes a Shell Aeger and a Specter Aeger.

The Whisperer is the 13th hero to reach the battlefield.
Encourage your hero and subdue your enemies whispering ancient litanies with the Whisperer.
This hero is an expansion of the Soulgivers Core Set and includes a Shell Whisperer and a Specter Whisperer.