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Studio Agate Creatures: Encyclopedia From Urban Depths to Frozen Steppes 5E HC


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Encyclopedia in a Nutshell
Encyclopedia is a 360-page lore book for your 5th Edition campaign, including dozens of ready-to-use cities, locations, NPCs, plot hooks, and magic items for your next game session.

As a game master, you have a lot to do. Planning, writing, sometimes drawing, and much more!  We've been GMs for over 20 years and we are here to help. With this book, we wanted to offer you as much material as possible to make your job as a GM easier. Prepare your next game session or upgrade your worldbuilding by picking from the Encyclopedia’s rich contents and cook up your own unforgettable stories!

Work on the Encyclopedia started in France in 2016. It took our studio four years to put together the 360 pages and hundreds of artworks depicting the cities, places, magic items, and NPCs within. 

Cities and Places of Adventure
Across this book, you will find 15 cities and many locations ready to serve as the settings of your next adventures. Each of these places has its own identity, featuring many adventure hooks and dozens of memorable figures, both friends and foes: a kobold mining village, a diabolist city, a necropolis-city, a hobgoblin pirate port, and more! The Free City, described over 40+ pages, is split into 15 districts, which you can use separately, as the locales of urban adventures, or as part of a teeming metropolis.

This toolbox is perfect for veteran game masters who want to level up their homebrew campaign, as well as for beginners seeking readily usable content to begin their first campaign. This book can also be used as a campaign setting to play in a universe steeped in Sword & Sorcery and portraying colorful civilizations.

Level-up Your Next Story
Encyclopedia offers colorful and diverse game material spanning 4 civilizations, each highly distinct from the others. Every one has its own atmosphere, its own mysteries, and its own antagonists.

One of our main objectives was to step away from the tropes of classic fantasy, where orcs and other 'greenskins' are brutish and inherently evil. Here, orcs have cultures of their own, including pacifistic ones like the Iruul orcs, and hobgoblins have a thriving culture of trading.

You can draw inspiration from these civilizations or use them as-is in a campaign of your creation… or you can feature them in the setting of Eana, which gathers them all!

Free City. Join the guilds and schemes of the Free City, a cosmopolitan metropolis filled with many mysteries!
Drakenbergen. Discover legendary valleys with hidden ancient ruins, majestic fjords, dwarven mines, raging volcanoes, and the vampiric kingdom of Kentigern, all nestled in the sprawling mountains of the Drakenbergen!
Septentrion. Sail for faraway Boreïa, the gateway to the Septentrion, and explore these frozen northern lands, populated with fearsome frost giants and holding a portal to the frozen plane of Gemoniae!
Kaan. Ride across the steppes of Kaan, venturing into baroque, contrasted, thriving, decadent city-states. Barter with the pirates of Tili’s Gulf or the shrewd merchants of Lihyân as you bear witness to past, present, and future empires!

Encyclopedia is your new cookbook for your next game sessions 

Magic Items
Encyclopedia includes more than fifty magic items. Each is tied to one of the locations or personalities described in the book, providing adventure hooks and springboards for new adventures.

You will also find 5 optional rules to customize the use of magic items in your campaign:
- Enchanted gems. Set magic gems in weapons and armor to grant them special, unique properties!
- Magic weapon sheaths. Keep the destructive power of your weapons under control with suitable sheaths.
- War paints. In preparation for battle, draw from the ancestral might of these magic Kaani war paints.
- Magic pearls. Discover the pearls of the stone giants, which enable them to go unnoticed!
- Progressive mirafaction. Under the influence of fate and the extreme energies they are subjected to, the personal belongings of adventurers can gradually become magic items. What used to be a fine sword, a family legacy, progressively turns into a more fearsome weapon, imbued with enchantments that will become manifest at key moments of the adventurer’s tribulations!

Modular System
Encyclopedia makes use of a modular system that lets each game leader define the atmosphere they wish to create for their stories. Each of the symbols in the book indicates related optional rules, adventures hooks, and setting elements that the leader can choose to make use of within a given campaign. Do you want your game to fit the canons of heroic fantasy? Use the rules labeled “Action” to make the adventurers all the more powerful and successful. Do you want to play a dark-fantasy, survival-oriented game? “Dark” and “Gritty” options have been designed for you and will give adventurers a hard time.