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The Gig + Encore Expansion - The Dice-Rolling Jazz Boardgame by Braincrack Games

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In The Gig, players are members of a jazz group improvising their way through a song, vying for the spotlight, and trying to please the audience while working up mind-blowing solos!

The game takes place over six rounds, a.k.a. "songs". Each song, players count down, then roll and place dice in real time to gain symbols and create patterns. When one player has placed all four of their dice, they shout "Take it to the bridge!" and other players must stop re-rolling and place the remainder of their dice. After placing all of their dice, each player can add the shape that their dice formed to their instrument's unique solo board, each of which offers a different challenge and way of scoring. Players can use symbols gained via the song and their solo boards to quickly change their dice, keep them for endgame scoring, or spend them to buy audience cards, each of which represents a newly-gained fan who will give you another way of scoring points at game's end.

After the set list of six songs has been played, the player with the most points gained from their solo, audience cards, harmonies, and symbol sets and majorities wins.

The Gig includes a solo mode by Dávid Turczi.

The Gig: Encore! Expansion introduces 3 new instruments to the game, each with their own unique mechanics and a set of matching dice!

Use a quick hand to balance your drums with The Congas! Balance gentle harmonies with The Flute! And show off your natural scatting skills with The Scat Singer!

The Encore! Expansion is compatible with all game modes in The Gig, including solitaire mode!